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How to live each day and be happy

Photo: Annette/Pixabay
“Don’t waste time – it’s precious!” or “Time is passing and you’re doing nothing worthwhile!” How often have you been the recipient of this talk? If others have not said this to you, you may have soliloquised the same. Of course, time is precious because it is finite. We segue our way through life trying to find a balance between work and responsibilities at home, picturing ourselves escaping the routine and living the idyllic dream, travelling or maybe pursuing a nebulous idea sometime in the future.
But the term ‘waste of time’ is subjective. I love improving the interiors of my home, often only repositioning the furniture, changing the drapes and cushion covers, maybe buying a new lamp, adding a little greenery around… While this may be considered by many as wasted time, I believe the opposite. Not only do I get immense satisfaction from having a clean and pleasing home, but I am also gratified, and to be honest, much flattered by the admiration of family and friends.
Time is considered by most as productively spent only if it results in income. Although I do not wholly disagree with this double-dyed opinion, which is defended by its proponents who state that it takes money to be able to have the luxury of time to do as you please, I would plead more leniency towards oneself.
Draw a balance between spending time earning money and doing things which make you happy. It does not take money to share laughter with family and friends, read a good book, take a walk, etc.
All said, just live each day and be happy.
© Parizad Trikannad

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I think too many people equate value with money. So, they think time is only well-spent if it's spent doing something that makes money. But value and money are not the same thing. Time you spend sleeping and hydrating is valuable for health reasons. Time you spend with your family is valuable because it nourishes you emotionally and mentally. Time you spend making your home environment pleasant is valuable for a lot of reasons. None of those things is a waste of time. Neither is sitting and watching rain, or chatting with a friend. It's all valuable, but it has nothing to do with money.

Ответ пользователю

Margot, thank you for commenting. As we grow older, we realise the importance of spending more time with things we truly enjoy doing or have a real passion for. This gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction as well as brings us joy and fulfillment. Doing anything that makes us happy is time well-spent.

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