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How to upgrade your home over a weekend

Photo: Houzlook .com/Pexels
If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand this irrepressible urge I get to update my house at least twice a year. I’m not talking about major renovations here, just a little upgrading which results in the house looking opulent and welcoming at a very modest price. The week before finds me wandering around the house looking at everything and deciding on things which can do with a change. Needless to say, by now my husband recognises this look and warily tells me that the house is already “looking really nice”. But, of course, that’s not enough and so here’s a list of seven things I do, which, simple as they are, bring a lot of happiness to me — and my husband — when we’re finished and the great news is that these changes can easily be done over a weekend.

Decluttering: Getting rid of unnecessary things from every room of the house is the very first step to beautifying it. Remove everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to see what you don’t need and just pile the unwanted things into big garbage bags. Next, tackle your clothes and shoes to see which you can donate. Once this is done, seeing the freed up spaces will urge you to move on to the next stage.

Cleaning: Having fewer things to clean is the greatest advantage of decluttering. Cleaning every surface of the house is a physical activity, which, though tiring, feels productive and always results in a joy to see at the end of the day.

Wall Décor: This is the next step towards changing the look of a room. You can choose to paint only one wall to create an accent wall or choose from a range of wall coverings to make your house look luxurious, interesting or cosy, depending on your choice of material—vinyl, silk, wood, etc.

Mirrors: A large mirror in an attractive frame is a work of art and when placed opposite a window or a source of light, not only brightens the room but also creates an illusion of a larger space. Mirrors need not be limited to walls. They can be used to lighten the doors of kitchen cabinets, wardrobe doors also headboards or backsplashes, even as decorative sunbursts in your foyer or a dark passageway. The options are limitless.

Furnishings: Changing the drapes, cushion covers or even the carpet can give a completely new look to a room. Velvet drapes and covers can add a touch of elegance while sheer drapes help to bring in the light from outside while still giving privacy within.
Photo: Erkan Gürbüz/Pexels
Lighting: It goes without saying that allowing natural light to fill the house is the best form of lighting as a mood enhancer. But at night, each room dictates its own lighting needs; for example, we need brighter lighting in kitchen areas for cooking and cleaning, but softer illumination for dining areas. For living areas where family and friends gather, a combination of pendant lights, floor or table lamps and focused lights to highlight decorative features can set the tone for the evening, giving it a cosy and intimate feel. A string of fairy lights wound around a potted plant enhances its beauty while shedding its radiance in a dark corner.

Flowers and Greenery: Plants and flowers not only add colour, scent and charm to a room, they guarantee to improve one’s mood, reduce stress and anxiety and promote mental health. A bouquet of tall flowers in a clear glass vase, placed near the entrance, immediately draws attention and adds interest.

Of course, real flowers may prove expensive to display every day so these can easily be replaced with artificial flowers and plants which still add beauty to your rooms without the accompanying pinch to your pockets!

© Parizad Trikannad

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Mahrukh Khajotia
Mahrukh Khajotia
Mar 20, 2023

Will follow your lead 😊

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