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Life, laughter and friendship

Friendship can make us stronger or more vulnerable. It can positively affect our health or have a negative impact. It can be sharing hours of laughter or the cause of depression.

As we age, we may find difficulty making new friends whom we can share a level of comfort with. Friendship takes effort to maintain – we need to open up a little and let the other person to know some more about us while allowing them to communicate about themselves without judging them.

Special friends are like the comfortable shoes we love to slip into. We may meet them after a year but the level of comfort is instantaneous. We pick up where we left off and conversation flows easily. Laughter envelopes us in a warm hug and the glow of the meeting holds us till we can next take time out of our busy lives to gather again.

Another circle of friends are the type we meet to socialise with. These fall into the second category as we may not share common interests but we enjoy their company and an enjoyable time is had by all when we meet to dine out or take in a movie.

Then comes the group of friends whom we meet only because they may belong to the same circle we socialise in. But these are our friends in name only. This could be because we may have outgrown them or are not experiencing good vibes from them. They may be critical or judgmental, whiny or even hypocritical. These people are best avoided, especially if we’re prone to low tolerance and energy levels.

Finally, friendship is about being with people who make us come alive, whom we can communicate with without reserve, who appreciate us and vice versa. They are there to share our joys and sorrows – and I consider myself lucky for having them.

© Parizad Trikannad

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