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5 ways to create a Hygge-like home

Photo: Stella Rose/Unsplash
Home is where one seeks comfort, indulgence and hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). SELF, the lifestyle website, quoted Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living, describing hygge as everything from the “art of creating intimacy” to “coziness of the soul”.

A house reflects your personality and irrespective of its size, you can infuse it with hygge and your style without breaking the bank. It tells your life story and fulfils your need for a safe and calm environment.

Here are five ways to create a warm and welcoming home.

1. Choose the right colour: While doing this you need to bear in mind the size of the room, flooring and the ambience you’re seeking. We know that light or neutral colours can make a room appear larger and brighter though dark colours, when carefully chosen, can give a room a soft, cozy feeling.

2. Declutter: Get rid of clothes, magazines, utensils, ornaments —anything you have not used for a minimum of six months — or donate them to charity. Clutter, besides giving your house a messy look, can cause a lot of stress and eats into valuable space. It can also be a source of allergies when dust is allowed to gather on it.

3. Create a conversation area: Arrange the sofa and chairs so they face each other. A coffee table in the centre with a vase of fresh flowers and scented candles creates a soothing environment and helps the flow of conversation.

4. Use of textures: In general, texture refers to the look and feel of objects and a layering of textures, utilised correctly, can add irresistible beauty to a room. Textures need not be limited to rugs, window treatments and throw pillows. Textures encompass the wallpaper or wall panels, flooring, lighting, bookshelves, lamps, vases, mirrors and tables; in fact, everything which adds interest to the room.

5. Lighting: Allow natural light to flow through the windows. Sunshine improves the spirit and makes a room appear welcoming. If the natural light flowing into the room is not enough, install a big mirror opposite the windows so light can bounce off it. The mirror will not only brighten the room and make it appear bigger but will also add glamour to it. Make use of candles and lamps for a calming and relaxing feel. Lamps add a luxurious element to a room and can also create inviting nooks when coupled with soft throw pillows.

Apart from the above things which can help make your home feel snug and comfortable, don’t forget that the energy of the people occupying the house matters the most so leave your worries behind before you enter through your front door and let your home vitalise you.

© Parizad Trikannad

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