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7 ways to live your life after 50

Photo: Krakenimages/Unsplash
Last week, my friend turned 56 and at the lunch get-together where we, a group of ladies in our 50s, met, the talk inevitably turned to how our lives had changed over the years. All of us have held down careers while taking care of our families and we believe that this is the right time to achieve all we want in life. There is no longer the uncertainty of youth while making the right choices, nor the enigma as to how to attain these.

But since we’ve all decided to be honest about our commitment towards embracing new and satisfying activities, many of us had to admit to having been hooked to some of the streaming channels, instead, despite our best intentions. One can picture Roald Dahl wagging his head at us in disapproval!

This decision to try new things had been unanimously taken by us about a year ago. We had realised that getting out of our comfort zones was not easy and we needed every bit of encouragement and competition a group provides. This is why my friends and I meet once a month to discuss our progress and I would like to list it as the first item in your list if you are among those trying to figure out what direction you want your life to take after 50.

Here are six more strategies to enjoy life when you reach the halfway mark:

Meet people with similar mindsets and share notes on what sounds interesting to you. Let me give you my own example. Arithmetic has never been my strong point and I use any excuse to get out of calculations if I can. This is not something I’m proud of and so, when my friend who is a CA, undertook to cure me of my fears and set me up with simple arithmetical problems, I was unamused but determined to work it out so I could tell her the next time we met, how boring the task had been. But after getting the first two sums right (as confirmed by my son), I realised I was enjoying bending my mind doing something I thought I hated half my life! It was as if I had conquered something which had earlier weakened me.

Learning a new language has many benefits, besides the important one of delaying dementia. Studying new vocabulary and practicing rules of grammar helps to exercise the brain and thanks to the exposure to foreign films and series, learning a new language is no longer a daunting task; instead, it can be a lot of fun.

Looking after our bodies is as important as taking care of our minds. Exercising, regular health checkups and eating healthy meals are some of the things we need to pay more attention to. If nothing else, take walks. This simple activity is not only good for our hearts but also improves our mood and releases stress which is unavoidable.

Identify the hurdles which are limiting you in your pursuit of happiness. Then you can focus on what you want out of life and work towards it. This sounds simpler in word than deed because you need to be totally committed to attaining your goal. For that, you need to put in a lot of effort and cannot give up just because you’ve met with obstacles.

Stop harbouring negative feelings. I cannot overstate the importance of this. Perceived resentments, bitterness and anger only prevent us from growing happier and healthier. You want to make your antagonist happy, then no better way than ruining your health by wallowing in negative thoughts and harbouring grudges.

Avoid procrastination. This especially happens when you’re not sure of the outcome. We tend to put off doing something till a later date when we’re unsure of our capability to handle the task or it is easier doing something we know, gives pleasure for the moment, such as mindlessly watching TV.

Finally, ask yourself, “What will I regret not having done 10 years from now?” Remember, time is fleeting and waits for no one, so make up your mind now to do everything you’ve always wanted to. Lay all your doubts aside. You have no one to please but yourself. Yes, be selfish because selfishness which makes you happy, which in turn pleases your loved ones around you, can never be a vice.

The six points I have listed above are not necessarily for quinquagenarians (someone between the age of 50 and 59) only. We can get stuck in a rut in any phase of our life and working on at least two or three of the above strategies can motivate us to expand our life goals and move on to lead healthier and happier lives.

© Parizad Trikannad

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hema kapadia
hema kapadia
Nov 20, 2022

This beautiful article truly explains that life starts at 50. Finally we are free from not all maybe, but many responsibilities. It is time to live life for yourself now. So start living it.

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