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The power of genuine mistakes

Photo: Felicia Buitenwerf/Unsplash
Most mistakes are genuine. They are oversights. Made unintentionally or inadvertently.
They occur due to human error resulting from negligence or carelessness, a misunderstanding, improper information or communication, lack of attention or a lapse in judgment. Basically, mistakes stem from our failure to notice or realise something.
No doubt, mistakes, even honest ones, can prove costly for a company, a client or a stakeholder. But as long as they are made without deliberate intent or an ulterior motive, they can be addressed with a gentle word of caution and a chance to learn and improve.
Big is the heart that admits to a fault and apologises. Bigger is the heart that accepts it gracefully and moves on. So much water under the bridge.
As a spiritual teacher once said, "Who is to blame is not important. Only how to set the situation right."
After all, to err is human, to be accountable is admirable, and to forgive is divine.
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Most people don't like to make mistakes. But the fact is, mistakes are critical if we're to learn and to do things better. This is why I don't like it when children are punished for making mistakes. Little wonder they learn to hide their guilt and not admit it; they know they'll be punished. To me, there is a big difference between facing the consequences of a mistake (like a lower grade if you don't do your schoolwork) and being punished (arbitrary things that are not related to the mistake made). I probably didn't express that clearly, but to me, children can't learn the valuable lesson of using their mistakes as steps to growth if they are punished every time…

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