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How my career chose me

Photo: Pixabay
I count myself among the fortunate ones when it comes to making a career out of doing something I love. I have been training students in communication skills, with emphasis on speaking with confidence and clarity for 25 years, and owe a big debt of gratitude to the 122-year-old Davar’s College of Commerce.

Mrs Arzan Rikhye and Mrs Puran Davar.
I stumbled upon my career by chance. Having quit journalism partly to raise a family and mainly because I knew it was not my calling, I had been seeking career courses which led me to Mulla House, Fort, Mumbai, and subsequently to Davar’s College where I met the two sisters, Mrs Puran Davar, the principal, and Mrs Arzan Rikhye, counsellor, who helped shape my personality into a more positive one.

As I walked in through the glass doors, I was greeted by Mrs Rikhye, an expert in her field of personality development and who was later to become my mentor and dearest friend. Impeccably dressed, always with her signature pearl earrings and necklace, Mrs Rikhye asked me if I’d be interested in filling the position of an English teacher.

Learning and teaching languages has always been my passion, so I wasted no time in agreeing to an interview with Mrs Davar, the inspiring force behind the college. Always elegantly turned out, the sisters were not only a joy to behold but were the perfect role models for all our students who aspired to become Executive Assistants and build their careers in the corporate world.

Needless to say, I loved every second of the time I spent teaching at Davar’s. The reward was the marvellous feedback I received and the numerous students filling the ample classrooms from morning to evening.

Teaching English to students who had studied it only as a second or third language, including foreigners, and seeing them walk and talk more confidently at the end of their course gave me an intoxicatingly happy feeling.

Let no one tell you that passion and career can never go hand in hand. In fact, make a career out of your passion and see an increase in your income which inevitably results from an increase in your productivity. We all know that a happy employee will be more motivated and productive.

Finally, knowing that you are being paid to do what you enjoy and if your work is in some way aiding others, as I’d like to believe mine does, then the fact that you have played even a small role in helping shape someone’s life for the better gives you a good feeling at the end of the day.

© Parizad Trikannad


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