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Developing AI for a better and kinder world

Photo: Andy Kelly/Unsplash
In the Generative AI: Steam Engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution session on Day 2 of Davos 2024, speakers broadly agreed that AI was more than hype and it'd bring about significant change and that if individuals, businesses and the economy were to take advantage, re-skilling was essential.
Daphne Koller, an Israeli-American computer scientist, predicted that AI would help us solve really hard problems that humans can't.
Let's hope it does. But what are some of the challenges that we struggle to overcome?
Not counting the predictable ones like global poverty and inequality, climate change, industry and economy, the digital ecosystem, international conflicts and human rights, those would include —
Building positive and meaningful relationships—being happy and making others happy
Sustaining mental health and well-being for all
Finding a cure for cancers and other terminal illnesses
Practising universal empathy and compassion, as individuals and as a society
Ensuring everyone gets a fair deal in the workplace
Managing finances; dealing with unexpected expenses and debt
Raising children in a clean and harmonious environment
Sticking to a self-care regimen—positive thinking, exercise, sleep and relaxation, hobbies
Now if AI can help address these and other everyday concerns, then it will have the potential to improve the quality of life perhaps not seen since electricity lit up our homes, penicillin was discovered, and computers and the internet became household assets.
Ultimately, the genuine impact of AI will be felt only when it benefits humanity on a big scale.
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2 opmerkingen

I agree that AI has the potential to truly help us with myriad things, from mental health to sustainable urban planning, to just about anything. I hope that as we use AI, we remember that technology is an excellent servant, but not a good master. I don't want us to lose our humanity.

Reageren op

Margot, thank you for commenting. "I hope that as we use AI, we remember that technology is an excellent servant, but not a good master. I don't want us to lose our humanity." Very well said, Margot! In spite of the advances in AI, I think we have barely scratched the surface of what artificial intelligence can do for individuals, societies, businesses and economies. I cannot underscore enough its potential for the greater good of humankind.

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