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4 things to ask ourselves before we speak (or write)

Photo: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash
Greek philosopher Socrates, spiritual teacher Eknath Easwaran and American radio host Bernard Meltzer have variously said:
Before we speak we must ask ourselves these four simple questions — 
Is it true? 
Is it kind? 
Is it necessary? 
Is it helpful? 
If the answer is no, maybe what we are about to say—or write, post or share in these trigger-happy WhatsApp times—should be left unsaid. 
By embracing these values, we can cultivate an attitude of thoughtful and mindful communication, both online and offline—for ourselves and others.
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It's so important to think carefully before we speak or write. The damage that words can do can last a lifetime, even after an apology. Just that little bit of filtering before speaking/writing can make all the difference.

Replying to

Margot, thank you for commenting. True, hurtful words, once uttered, can never be reversed and they can spoil relationships forever. The four rules are even more essential now, in these 24/7 social media and WhatsApp times.

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